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"Intelligent IT"


  Do you want to get the most out of your Enterprise Information and Communications Systems?


  Do you desire that your business IT has a Business Continuity provision?


  Would you like a Disaster Recovery provision for your business?
Wise executives and company owners discover the value of using Exec Tech for achieving these elusive goals.
Use our experienced and seasoned professionals to facilitate your strategic business objectives such as:
     >  Business process automation.
     >  Management information for decision making.
     >  Connecting enterprise assets internally and to customers.
     >  Improving efficiency with practical software tools.
     >  Customized situation analysis and IT planning.
     >  Project management to “make it happen!”
     >  Cost savings through outsourcing your IT support.

     >  Cost savings by augmenting internal or HQ staff with Exec Tech locally.
               … and much more.
Accomplished and value driven, we assemble qualified and competent resources from within our company, strategic alliances, and equipment and software vendors to:
     >  Automate business processes.
     >  Assimilate data and secure its storage.
     >  Perform Information processing and presentation.
     >  Maintain and manage your IT security protections
     >  Maintain and manage your IT, network, desktop, and printing assets
     >  Maintain and manage your email and Internet usage
     >  Maintain and manage your Local Cloud backup service
     >  Implement, upgrade, and maintain hardware, software, and connectivity.
     >  Manage IT life-cycle, risk reduction and upgrades.
     >  Optimize information distribution systems.
               … and your actual needs as defined.



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